Dunno Roast... Yummy

I am callin this "Duno roast" because I had no idea what I was doing until it was done.... So what is it??? My throw together roast because it had to get cooked...

Start with Eye Round Roast, Green Bell Pepper, Onion, water...

Put Roast into pan... I used a glass oven pan with a lid, Chop up the green pepper and onion, so specific shape or size... I did the quick don't feel like cooking cut.... add water to the pan about 1/4 deep... Throw into oven which should be set on 350 to get it heated up... ya ya I know I should have pre heated the oven, but like I said... "I didn't feel like cookin"  After 1/2 hour turn it down to about 325... or when ever you walk past the stove like I did... (actually forgot I was cookin till I smelt it)

Let this cook about three hours and check on it... that is what I did... I stuck the fork in and it seemed rubbery... so just before I threw it back in until I remembered again... I cut a small chuck to taste... DUDE it was good and very tender... wa la... all done...

At this point yell to daughter or who ever should be cookin supper and tell them to start some rice... in the mean time... take all the juice (remember all that water you put in earlier) and put it into a pan on the stove... mix up a couple tablespoons of Flour and season... using a whisk mix in milk until it is just thinner than paste.... by now your juice should be boiling and you slowly add the flour milk mixture while whisking like a crazy women... now you have gravy... Crap forgot to mention that after I took the juice from the pan I did add about another cup of water and put it back in oven which was still on... so now you take the roast out, slice it up and put it back into the pan with the water, cooked green pepper & onion... add the gravy and set it all back into the oven until the the rice is cooked, you may have to yell at the rice cooker to remind them that it is done... : )

Simply serve... did I mention that as the "Dunno Roast" cook you do get to taste test it often... not to much though or as happen to me your belly won't want the rice... LOL

PSST... go back to the beginning and remember to season your Dunno Roast before you stick it in the oven... I used basic stuff... pepper, salt, Garlic and Onion powders...

Enjoy... I did!!!!  As did my family as they left nothing for leftover tomorrow!!!  They obviously love it when I don't feel like cooking!!!

$200 Grand Opening Prize - Contest Rules Announced!

Friends and Plubans!

The $200 Grand Opening prize contest is as follows:

On our new forum you can post full featured blog posts, and you can also post videos. Videos can be loaded from most any video source including Youtube.

The member who posts the most liked blog post OR the most liked video will win the $200 cash prize.

Contest Rules:

Entry starting time: Today!
Entry deadline: March 9th, 8pm PST

  • Blog post must be at least 50 words
  • Videos must have some relation to a pet/animal/species or a friend or human you know that acts like one.
  • You need to be registered to win
  • You can vote for your own posting, but only once
  • video, text or photo blog posts or just a video posting all qualify.

The post with the most likes at the the end of the contest wins $200 !

Good luck to all entrants!


It's Here - Our Grand Opening Day !

It's here ! Our Grand Opening Day! I've got the BBQ grill all ready, hot dogs, hamburgers and sweet corn !

I'll be announcing the $200 prize contest details this afternoon, so register now to get in the ready position to Win it. I usually determine how valuable a cash prize is based on how many hot water bottles it can buy me. I figured I can get 28 of em If I won the prize, but ,humph, I've been told I'm not allow to enter my own contest. Who made up these rules anyway?

Have a great day today and someone bring the Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns!



Magical Awakenings

I scored big on this game tonite, but almost had a cardiac arrest.

Can anyone beat my score?  It's in the game section, or click the image below.

I need a valium.




12 New Games Added to Pluba Forum

Frankly, I'm not so sure what a game playing bunch we are, but if you like the games I just added there are plenty more to come.

Just hover your mouse over the 'Games' menu above and you will find the fun.

Let me know what you think!


Many Moons ago

Well I am a bit bored so I figured I would come here and play around with the blog... Way cool that I can make a photo blog... the pic is of myself, my daughter, my sister and a friend I just can't place... I am the silly one standing next to the stairs with the box on my head... it was a last minute costume decision and gotta say it worked out great... we had alot of fun that nite...

Thereason I even have this photo is because my ex father n law gave me a box of old photos to scan and put on disc... a friend of mine lent me the money to buy a photo scanner... the thing is really awesome... got through 500 photos in a matter of a couple hours... very simple to use and I can either scan to my computer or an SD card... I am actually doing both... I am hoping to go to my older sisters house to scan all her old photos so I can make a disc for both of us...

Other than that, I have been busy making soups from scratch which I find to be alot of fun and it is awesome to watch my family eat it all... ya know ya cooked good when it is all gone in two days... sent a little to my friend to share with her dad also...

Well I am going to get off here and scan more... totally cool that I can come here and share my photos and write blogs about the good old days....

Till Next Time then...

Pluba Pet Themed Games

It's still a bit buggy - but we launched Pluba Pet Themed Games just a few moments ago. Try it out and please report any bugs you may encounter.

It can be found on the menu bar.



Funny Little Joke: Church Pew

An elderly couple are attending church services... About halfway through, she writes a note and hands it to her husband.  It says, "I just let out a silent fart. What do you think I should do?" He scribbles back, "Put a new battery in your hearing aid."

Text Chat with Friends

Don't Look Down !! 

Actually.... do look down, and to your right.  You will find a Facebook style chat box.  This is where you can start your chat conversations with friends.

It's all part of our sinister master plan to create the best social network on earth for those of us with like minded interests.  The Pets !!




For One I am Very Excited!!!

I have been looking around the new site and find that I do like it far better then the old set up... I have decided to pull up a comfy chair and make myself at home... I personally am not concerned with the old members of Pluba not returning... as I think as time goes on we will find some new fresh faces that aren't stuck in Dog Breeder Mode...

The fact that I can just blog... ramble on to my hearts content, makes me giggle inside... I like that I have my own wall and that I can post on other's walls is awesome... then you also have the forum.... oh and cooler yet is the chat at the bottom of the page, no need to run to a chat room that ya have to sign into and it is more private... this place is like Pluba/Facebook/Myspace all in one... woot woot...

There are a few things I would like to see added to this site... some games and a place to store photos...

To You Mod... I say "A Job Well Done!!!"  Lets get this party started!!!


My First Pluba Blog... Not all that!!!

Hey I think I may like this new set up... facebook doesn't have a blog and the "Note" section isn't a blog it is a note... so here I am on the New and improved Pluba... Wow... So here is to hoping all the members of Pluba will come and check this out.  Maybe a fresh coat of paint in the halls will cheer everyone up and make for some interesting postings...

Till later when I have something of interest to write about... LOL

Writing can set you free..

If you look at our menu bar, there is a thing called 'guest blogs'. These are casual blog postings or commentary. In fact, they could be just about anything.

How do you post one yourself? If you look up to the far right corner of your screen, by clicking 'new blog post', your literary talents can set you free.

I can't claim to get you a million dollar book advance, but I can definately put in the good word for you.



The New Pluba Forums is Now Open !

I may be 100 years old, but I still have to keep up with the latest technology or my bosses will kick me out of here. If you don't know me by now, my name is Mod. You can call me The Mod. I've been the resident curmudgeon here since 2001 when Pluba.com was first formed. I live a simple life. Me, my dogs and a hot water bottle to keep me toasty at night. I'm loved around here, only no one is willing to admit it........ right?

Anyway, just to keep things straight, Pluba.com is for classified ads, Pluba Community on Facebook is for anyone who loves pets, and Plubaforum.com, my newest creation which is where you are now, is the new home of Plubaforums.com (which is still operating for a very limited period of time).

Like anything, the new site will take a bit of getting used to, so don't get frustrated. Feel free to try it out without fear of breaking anything or messing anything up.

Pretty soon you may find yourself blogging your brains out !

Cheers !

-The Mod.